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Durham, North Carolina Assistance For Paying Rent And Utilities

friendshelpingfriends started this conversation

If You Can't Pay Your Rent...
The following public, private, and church organizations provide rental assistance and other services. Eligibility and funds are limited, so call first to see what is available. You may also try contacting individual churches.

Department of Social Services (DSS)
Telephone: 560-8000,

    Family (w/ children) & Emergency Services
    300 N. Duke Street

    Elderly, Disabled, and Emergency Services:
    220 East Main Street

DSS administers financial assistance programs such as TANF, Food Stamps and Medicaid. DSS also offers emergency assistance with rent, utilities, heat, food, and medical bills.

          Operation Breakthrough 688-8111 
          800 N. Mangum St. 8:00am - 5:00pm 

    FEATSS Services 688-8111 ext. 228
    (Family Empowerment Action to Self Sufficiency). 

Presbyterian Urban Ministries 220-8757
2504 N Roxboro Rd. Call for appointment.
(Housed in Northgate Presbyterian Church, 
but not part of the church.)
Serves senior citizens, disabled adults, and families with young children. Limited assistance for utility bills, rent and medication. Must provide wage stubs and receipts for the past 30 days that show at least 85% was spent for basic necessities. 

Salvation Army 688-7306
909 Liberty Street
Call office at 8 am. for an appointment. Clients must be in emergency situation or demonstrate need for help to stay in the home. Some utility assistance.

Catholic Charities 286-1964
902 Broad Street (call for appointment)
Small amounts of emergency assistance for rent and utilities. Offers family and individual counseling for a sliding fee.

Second Mile Ministry 286-3596
Grey Stone Baptist Church
2601 Hillsborough Rd. (Wednesdays 9:00am-12:00)
Line up early. Food, emergency rent & utility assistance.

Women In Action 680-4575
634 Foster Street (call for appointment) 
Serves disabled adults, senior citizens and families with children. May not have funds.

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pattygirl1   in reply to patricia1234
yes there are help agencies that help look under assistance agencies for help in your county also social service program
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BaddCatt   in reply to mistah

If you have any info to send someone, send it by way of a one-to-one message on this site. A member here just had her identity stolen and bank account wiped out because she responded directly to an email.
I'm not necessarily saying that you're a scammer, but one of the guidelines of this site is to not give your email address.
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mistah   in reply to patricia1234
You know its sad to say but the only way your going to get help the right way and somebody willing to help is getting out of durham... durham resources are screwed up and dont want to give them out people in this city are not helpful. I understand your proble. Cause I been and still in a situation like yours and now im working on getting out of durham I have this organization that suppose to be working with me with moving me and my family. The lady said herself the school system courts businesses period in durham is pathetic and so many people who can afford to move need to others need to hunt down assistance outside of durham that can assist you.I do have information that could possibly he. So if you have a way of emailing me I can send you the information and take it from there... my email is
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hi there i am new to this and times are hard right now and i really in need of help they just cut mt brother's check which is the only way we were serving and now that has been cut and now my rent and my light billl are due soon and i will hvae no where for me and my three kid's and my mother and brother to go so if there is any one out that is willing to help it would be greatly appericated i really am in need of help please someone call out to me show me the light
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